Pingchecker is a free plugin for WordPress that allows you to scan your post's content for links, check the pingability of those resources you've linked to, and manually ping those pages. This improves upon the inbuilt fuctionality of WordPress by allowing you to receive the results of your attempted pings whereas WordPress doesn't. (With WordPress your ping either appears in the trackback list or it doesn't, with no explanation or error codes.)

Also included is a workaround for a bug in the WordPress XML RPC server that prevents many of your pingbacks from succeeding without you even knowing about it! When you ping another blogs server, it will check the page you linked, BUT because of this bug, sometimes it can't find the link at all. This workaround adds a hidden div to your footer with your links so they can be found, greatly improving your chances of a successful ping.

(If you would like the advanced functionality of being able to search and ping multiple resources for a single post, choosing which backlinks you would like and displaying them automatically to quickly and effectively maximize the number of backlinks to your blog, then it is recommended you get Pingback Pro instead. Pingchecker functions are inbuilt into Pingback Pro, so if you are a Pingback Pro user you do not need to install this plugin separately.)

Easy to install and use, and pretty self-explanatory once you give it a go, Pingchecker is an essential tool for anyone using the WordPress platform for linking to external resources and gaining backlinks. The Pingchecker interface appears as an extra window under the post writing/editing page.

Quick WordPress Install Instructions

1. *** Download Pingchecker as a Zip file. ***
2. Click Plugins->Add New in your WordPress admin.
3. Click on "Upload" in the top menu.
4. Click "Choose" and select the downloaded Zip file.
5. Click "Install Now" to install the plugin.
6. Click on "Activate Plugin" and you're done..
7. Pingchecker box will appear under your posts!

Recommended Use:
1. Before publishing your post, use Pingchecker to check the pingability of the resources you are linking to. If they aren't, you may wish to choose alternative similar resources that are pingable instead.
2. Then, publish your post and WordPress will attempt to ping the resources automatically as it normally would. Check the trackback list under your content box to see if your ping was successful as usual.
3. If the new trackback/pingback does not appear, use Pingchecker to ping the resource instead. The results of your attempted pings will be returned in an alert box. See the fault codes section for a more thorough understanding of any returned errors.

The free Pingchecker Plugin can also be found here at WordPress.Org.

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